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Artillery (Battalion Wars)

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Western FrontierTundran TerritoriesSolar EmpireAnglo IslesXylvaniaIron Legion
Preacher PK-772Western Frontier in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Sue-122 TsarkanonTundran Territories in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Type-9 "Far Reach"Solar Empire in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
B-335 "Spudder"Anglo Isles in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Ubelmeister "Groz Bertha"Xylvania in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
KriegFaustIron Legion in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Basic info
Deployed by
Role Long-range attack
Primary weapon
Name Cannon
Target Infantry, Vehicles, Ships, Subs
Secondary weapon
Name None
Target N/A
This article is about the long-range ground unit in the Battalion Wars series. For the vehicle of similar role in the Advance Wars series, see Artillery (Advance Wars).

The Artillery is a lightly-armored long-range ground unit. It is very successful when attacking other ground units or fortification, but must take care to hang back out of the range of enemy tanks, and should make sure to send support to deal with anything within its safe zone. The vehicle is effective weaker naval units, such as the Frigate, however, the Battleship has a wider range and more powerful guns, so it is best to avoid drawing its attention without covering fire.

Dossier Intel[edit | edit source]

Western Frontier[edit | edit source]

"The self-propelled Preacher PK-772 Artillery piece has the longest reach of any Frontier ground unit. Its cumbersome movement is made up for by the power and range of its 88mm cannon."

Tundran Territories[edit | edit source]

"To reduce manufacture costs, the Sue-122 Tsarkanon self-propelled howitzer uses a modified 12-inch naval gun from Gargant-class Dreadnoughts. A number of these guns were stolen by Xylvania and are the basis for their Sarkol naval cannons."

Solar Empire[edit | edit source]

"The charged Magneto-Rail launcher of the Type-9 "Far Reach" Artillery piece accelerates super-heated spheres of plasma to speeds that will launch them distances far in excess of the range of standard NitroPlas tank rounds."

Anglo Isles[edit | edit source]

"The 8-cylinder revolver mechanism of the B-335 "Spudder" Artillery platform was once prone to jam failure at high temperatures. Fortunately, it was discovered that the thermoconductive properties of fruit preserves make an ideal counterbalance to this very problem."

Xylvania[edit | edit source]

"Developed from modified railgun technology, the powerful cannon on the Ubelmeister "Groz Bertha" is matched by the optics. This allows it to destroy opponents from a longer range, but the weapons system is very complex to produce and maintain."

Iron Legion[edit | edit source]

"Sadly for the Legion, their Battlestation project was completed too late to replace the crude, but effective, long-range parabolic firing platform that was the KriegFaust. During the Lightning Wars, it served to shell entire nations into submission and surrender."

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