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Assault Veteran

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Assault Veteran
Western FrontierTundran TerritoriesSolar EmpireAnglo IslesXylvaniaIron Legion
H-70 heavy-caliber machine gunWestern Frontier in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Kasparov KA-600Tundran Territories in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Hi-Frequency Beam EmitterSolar Empire in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
.44 "Grump"Anglo Isles in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
"Barrel Organ" SpanzowXylvania in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
StreykarIron Legion in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Basic info
Deployed by
Role Anti-Personnel
Primary weapon
Name Heavy Machine Gun
Target Infantry, Vehicles
Secondary weapon
Name None
Target N/A

The Assault Veteran is an experienced Rifle Grunt, now wielding a heavy machine gun that can pierce the armor of light vehicles. The sheer number of bullets they fire allow them to engage all infantry with great success, and even some light vehicles and individual air units, given enough time. However, they are not quick and powerful enough to devastate multiple units, and so should remain near other units for protection.

Dossier Intel[edit | edit source]

Western Frontier[edit | edit source]

"The belt-fed H-70 heavy-caliber machine gun is capable of supplying up to 260 rounds per minute. In spite of efforts to reduce recoil vibration, sustained use can leave even the most seasoned veteran's teeth chattering for days."

Tundran Territories[edit | edit source]

"The heavy-weight Kasparov KA-600 is the KA-57's big brother. The veteran units assigned this weapon sport reinforced helmets to protect them from the characteristically weighty ejected round casings."

Solar Empire[edit | edit source]

"Only infantry who have performed great deeds in battle see their PlasRifles replaced with a Hi-Frequency Beam Emitter. This weapon fires a focused cutting laser so fine that it can split the hairs on an enemy grunt's head."

Anglo Isles[edit | edit source]

"The gas-operated .44 "Grump" gun is equally suited to magazine- or belt-fed munitions. Veteran operators favor the former, with magazines better suited to keeping ammunition clean. Anglo infantrymen can find themselves on a charge for carrying dirty rounds!"

Xylvania[edit | edit source]

"The water-jacket-cooled "Barrel Organ" Spanzow minigun fires at 1,200 rounds per minute. The distinctive noise it generates has lent it the nickname of "The Buzz Saw"."

Iron Legion[edit | edit source]

"Sophisticated clockwork mechanisms constructed by blind Legion engineers allowed a remarkable rate of fire for Streykar infantrymen, their workmanship unsurpassed even today. Antique models recovered by Xylvanians are often dismantled to be used in timepieces."

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