Mortar Veteran

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Mortar Veteran
Basic info
Appears in: Battalion Wars,
Battalion Wars 2
Deployed by: Western Frontier,
Tundran Territories,
Solar Empire, Anglo Isles,
Xylvania, Iron Legion
Role: Long-range Anti-Ground
Primary weapon
Name: Grenade Launcher
Target: Infantry, Vehicles
Secondary weapon
Name: None
Target: N/A


The Mortar Veteran is the foot soldier version of the Artillery vehicle, a long-range anti-ground infantryman. They are most effective when the mission calls for flushing enemy infantry out of their entrenched positions. They can also scatter infantry clumps and deal damage to armored units, but air units and lone infantry units can fight them at inconvenient ranges.

Dossier Intel[edit]

Western Frontier[edit]

"Deployed primarily against units in defilade, infantry equipped with the Groundhog 50mm parabolic fused grenade launcher are often tasked with providing firework displays during Frontier victory parades."

Tundran Territories[edit]

"To minimize the replacement of the headgear blown off by the exhaust expelled from their 2M-1 Babushka grenade launcher, operators are required to keep their distinctive hats glued to their heads in combat situations."

Solar Empire[edit]

"A complex array of sensors has been miniaturized over generations to fit within the portable parabolic weapons launcher, allowing operators to resolve targets through solid objects. Delivering Plas-Sphere rounds into the heart of entrenched enemy positions has never been so easy."

Anglo Isles[edit]

"The MK-3 "Marble Flicker" parabolic delivery system is designed to take a drum magazine for rapid reloading. Standard-issue "hanky" headgear can unfold to form a hammock, should a much-needed kip be required."


"Xylvanian grenade troopers are armed with time-fused shrapnel projectiles. Firing on a parabolic arc, they can tackle enemies in cover or behind obstacles without exposing themselves to attack."

Iron Legion[edit]

"The mortar units of the Talun Fang were devised by Lord Ferrok himself for rapidly clearing dug-in enemy soldiers, his personal honor guard taken from their battalions. It remains the historical model for long-range anti-infantry troops to this day."

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