Lord Ferrok

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Lord Ferrok
Lord Ferrok.png
Lord Ferrok in BW2
Gender: Male
Faction: Iron Legion
Relatives: Kaiser Vlad (descendant)
Current status: Deceased
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Qa-Len's forces have been a thorn in my iron-plated side for far too long!

— Lord Ferrok

Lord Ferrok is the ruler of Old Xylvania, and one of the antagonists of Battalion Wars 2.


Much is unknown about Lord Ferrok, as well as his Iron Legion. What is known, however, is that Kaiser Vlad has referred to him his ancestor on more than one occassion. The Iron Lord also debuted the earliest recorded use of a Battlestation in his bid to quash the Solar Empire.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

This officer did not appear in Battalion Wars.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Lord Ferrok was the commander of the Iron Legion 200 years ago. He first features in the prologue mission, where the player takes control of the Solar Staff Bearer in his quest to reach the Iron Tower, and put an end to the Legion. The Iron Lord also appears in Flashback II, where the player commands the Legion forces against the Solar Empire's desperate attempts to invade Old Xylvania and defeat the supernatural Legion.

Once the other nations fell, the Iron Lord recalled his forces to the Iron Tower to regroup, before assaulting the Solar Empire, the last free nation standing who he believed would present an easy victory. Unbeknownst to him, Empress Qa-Len commanded a tiny strike force of Solar survivors to scale the Iron Tower. Under the protection of the Staff Bearer, the soldiers climbed the tower and activated the Solar satellite, which focused the sun's rays into an intense beam aimed directly down onto the Iron Lord's stronghold. The resulting shock wave destroyed Lord Ferrok and his Iron Tower, leaving a gigantic crater in its place, and obliterated the majority of the Legion forces.


  • Lord Ferrok gets his name from the Latin ferrum, meaning "iron".

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