Major Nelly

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Major Nelly
Gender: Female
Faction: Tundran Territories
Relatives: Colonel Austin (husband*)
Current status: Unknown
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars
For your sake, Colonel, I hope you have men dug in on both sides of your Radar Array!

— Major Nelly

Major Nelly was a commander of the Tundran Territories.


As a Tundran commander, she proves her worth with her robust methods. She is a warm woman who cares deeply for her soldiers. While she does not appreciate Tsar Gorgi's attitude towards her, she tolerates his demeanor out of respect for his achievements.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

Following Marshal Nova's ascent to power, his first act is to appoint Nelly to the position of Major. This controversial act defines the departure of the Tundran government from Tsar Gorgi's traditional ways to his progressive stance that merit is more important than birthright. After Nova gives her control of Gorgi's troops, she appears early on in the Frontier-Tundra conflict, where she often inadvertently exposes her strategy to the opponent.

After the Alliance of Nations is formed, she warms up to Colonel Austin of the Western Frontier. It is speculated that the reason these two officers are not present in the second game's main story may be marriage.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Major Nelly appears only in an online Co-op mode mission alongside Colonel Austin. Dialogue in the mission suggests the two were married.


  • Nelly, like Colonel Austin, is not present in the second game's main story. As there is no reason given for them to leave the military, it may be that they were married between the events of the two games.

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