Anglo Isles

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Anglo Isles
Anglo logo.png
Symbol of the Anglo Isles
Commanding Officers: Colonel Windsor, Commander Pierce
Appears in: Battalion Wars 2

The Anglo Isles form a nation from the Battalion Wars series. Each nation in the series corresponds to a real-life country; in this case, early 20th-century England.


The Anglo Isles are a small kingdom comprised of a group of islands, located to the southeast of the Xylvanian landmass. The Isles are a small nation with a rich history, evidenced by the many castles and ruins dotting the countryside. The Anglos once held great importance on the global stage, commanding a large empire centuries ago. However, the Anglo forces were decimated at the hands of the Iron Legion. Despite its current position in the backwaters of global diplomacy, the Isles are still a force to be reckoned with. They are also the newest member to join the Alliance of Nations.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

This nation did not appear in Battalion Wars.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

The Anglo Isles first appear in Campaign 1, where the Anglo forces launch a pre-emptive strike against the Solar Empire, who they believed was in possession of a super-weapon. While the Solars had once wielded the satellite-controlling staff, the weapon had been hidden in a Tundran glacier by Empress Qa-Len after putting an end to the Lightning Wars centuries ago. As the Solars scramble to mount a defence against this surprise attack, Anglo Commander Pierce is having second thoughts about this rumored super-weapon. As the first campaign wraps up, Solar Admiral A-Qira demands a war of vengeance against the Anglo invaders, and enlists the help of their old allies, the Tundran Territories.

The Anglo Isles next appear in Campaign 2, where the player controls the Anglo forces against the Solar-Tundran counterattacks. The Isles successfully repel Admiral A-Qira and Marshal Nova before learning that Kaiser Vlad had orchestrated the entire war. With this in mind, they called a ceasefire with the Solar Empire, and became the newest faction of the Alliance of Nations. The Anglos then aid Marshal Nova in reclaiming the North Tundra wastes, where the Kaiser had constructed his Mining Spider. When the Spider is destroyed, Commander Pierce, being an accomplished Fighter pilot, is able to quickly rescue Brigadier Betty from the resulting explosion.


  • There was originally meant to be an Anglo Strato Destroyer, but it was eventually dropped.
  • In the mission "Their Finest Hour", there is an old stone monument near the Anglo-held Airbase that is similar in appearance to Stonehenge. This is further proof of the Isles' British basis.
  • Excluding the Grunts, all Anglo veterans wear mustaches and kilts.
  • Despite its status as a kingdom, the name of the Anglo king is never mentioned. However, two different men named George were king during World War I and World War II, so this is a likely name.

COs of the Battalion Wars series
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Tundran Territories: Tsar GorgiMarshal NovaMajor Nelly
Solar Empire: Empress Qa-LenEmpress Lei-QoAdmiral A-Qira
Anglo Isles: Colonel WindsorCommander Pierce
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