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This article is about the Anti-Air vehicle in the Battalion Wars series. For the Anti-Air vehicle in the Advance Wars series, see Anti-Air.

Anti-Air Vehicle
SE AAirVehicle.png
Concept art of the Imperial Anti-Air Vehicle
Basic info
Appears in: Battalion Wars,
Battalion Wars 2
Deployed by: Western Frontier,
Tundran Territories,
Solar Empire,
Role: Rapid Anti-Air attack
Primary weapon
Name: Missiles
Target: Planes, Copters
Secondary weapon
Name: None
Target: N/A


The Anti-Air Vehicle is an armored machine tasked with the sole objective of eliminating enemy air units, plane and copter alike. While it can hold its ground against air units, which makes it more durable than the Anti-Air Veteran, its single light machine gun turret leaves it vulnerable to incoming infantry, tank, and warship attack.

Dossier Intel[edit]

Western Frontier[edit]

"The scourge of enemy air forces, the Prometheus AIM-9RR fires a barrage of 8 deadly IS-III Silverfish missiles, but is unable to radar-lock low-level targets and hence is wildly inaccurate against them."

Tundran Territories[edit]

"The SK-8 Ganet half-track mobile SAM vehicle's missile tracking equipment shares frequencies with a popular Tundran radio station. The reduced bandwidth prevents accurate tracking of projectiles deployed on low-altitude trajectories."

Solar Empire[edit]

"Feratu Bombers were deployed by the Iron Legion against the Coral Atolls in such large numbers during the first days of the Lightning Wars that they proved too much for anti-air infantry alone to combat. The Type-11 Ten-Qoo mobile SAM vehicle was designed to provide mechanized assistance."

Anglo Isles[edit]

The Anglo Isles have not developed this unit.


"The Flakker IV Anti-Air Vehicle launches four ready-to-fire missiles in short succession. The fire-and-forget Flakker missile is manufactured by SchnellWurst, and is a two-stage solid propellant rocket-powered missile."

Iron Legion[edit]

The Iron Legion has not developed this unit.

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