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ディーター Dieter
Waylon temp.png
Waylon as he appears in Days of Ruin
Faction: New Rubinelle Army
Specialty: Greater defences
Hit: N/A
Miss: N/A
First appearance: Days of Ruin
Latest appearance: Days of Ruin
CO Zone: Aerial-Defense Boost
CO Power: Wingman
Power Meter:

Waylon, ディーター (Diitaa Dieter) in the unreleased Japanese version (Famicom Wars DS: Ushinawareta Hikari), is a Commanding Officer in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, serving in the New Rubinelle Army.


Waylon serves as an early ally and later antagonist in the Campaign mode.

His stats suggest he is the defence-oriented counterpart to Tasha, but the substantial bonus offered by his CO Power makes him easier to use.


Waylon is an arrogant and egotistical member of the Rubinelle air force. He later sides with Greyfield and fights Brenner's Wolves for his own gain.


Waylon's personality doesn't endear him to anyone, even those he works with. This suits him just fine; he only cares about himself.


CO Zone[edit]

All air units in the CO Zone receive a 20% attack and 30% defence boost. Radius: 2.

CO Power[edit]

The defence of all air units is increased tremendously; it is now 300%. Offense is unaffected.