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I can count and sometimes read and play videygame

I also do art sometimes
and fighting game palettes, this one for A.B.A. is based off of Adder

Current To-Do list[edit | edit source]

  • Make some of this wiki actually readable and clean
  • Get as much info on missions as possible
  • Get the war room maps together. For example, the spann island page currently shows the AWDS version, even though it's different from the AW, AW2, and AWRBC ones.
  • Upload the AW2 and AWDS profile sprites (Neutral profiles have been uploaded, rest of AW2 sprites I've got ready to go, and I've got the Commanding Officer table for AW2 and AWDS basically done)
  • Update the AWRBC page since it's still worded like it hasn't come out yet
  • I have the Survival maps scanned in, they need to be cropped and added to the survival page
  • Add the CO character art from AWRBC
  • Add the JP CO wallpapers from AWDS
  • Add concept art from AWDS
  • Upload unit icons for AWRBC So that the AWRBC Unit chart can be added
  • Add maps/more screenshots from AWRBC
  • Finish adding the starting units to AWDS missions
  • Finish the button set I've been working on? but that's neither here nor there

Wishes[edit | edit source]

  • AWRBC CO icons so that the AWRBC CO chart can be made so that it doesn't just say "see AW and AW2"
  • Can we have tabs for the property chart, since some maps are different accross verisons?

See Also[edit | edit source]