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This completes my set of accounts on NIWA wikis :P for now.

Although this was the hardest to set up...

  • Attempt 1: 'Login error: you have entered an invalid username.'
  • Attempt 2: Firefox crashes.
  • Attempt 3: Firefox fails to boot properly.
  • Attempt 4: Captcha fails to match. I always have problems with them.
  • Attempt 5: Broadband refuses to connect. Broadband is rubbish in this country (which isn't the USA).
  • Attempt 6: Successful! I proceed to celebrate.

Trying to create this was not much easier, thanks to the captcha. Don't you just hate them?

Most active on:[edit | edit source]

  • StrategyWiki, a wiki dedicated to video game walkthroughs. Administrator.
  • WiKirby, a wiki. About Kirby. Working on a couple of templates and other articles.
  • ...and here, of course. Going to be a lot more so soon, as I just got Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (in Gamestop's second-hand sale). I hereby declare war on that stub notice.

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

If you've any suggestions for new templates or similar, feel free to add them below here, in a bullet-list form.