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Infantry (unit type)

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Infanty is a collective term for the units in Advance Wars and Battalion Wars that move on their feet. There are generally only two units that move in this way: Infantry and Mech. In these games they are the only type of unit that can capture properties or use Missile Silos. The Battalion Wars series has no fewer than six: Grunts, Bazooka Veterans, Flame Veterans, Anti-Air Veterans, Mortar Veterans, and Assault Veterans.

Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Unit Description
Rifle Grunt Good at attacking in large numbers, capturing facilities, and manning emplacements.
Flame Veteran Effective anti-infantry troops; vulnerable against armored vehicles.
Bazooka Veteran Highly effective against enemy ground vehicles; poor against infantry.
Assault Veteran Good against enemy infantry and light vehicles.
Anti-Air Veteran Highly effective against enemy aircraft; poor against ground targets.
Mortar Veteran Used for blowing enemy infantry out of cover and tackling light vehicles.

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