Much Whittering

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Much Whittering is a small village in the heart of the picturesque Anglo countryside. It has a river running through the town, which separates the "main" part of town from the outskirts, and two viaducts cross the river to connect the village to the rest of the area. At the the far back of the village is a large village square which is home to a helipad and two Machine Gun towers. According to Pierce the village is famed for its gooseberry jam and pickled eggs (though hopefully not at the same time).

The village's architecture is typically Anglo, with half-timbered cottages and thatched roofs, as well as drystone walls enclosing small gardens of sunflowers (which appears to be a very popular flower during Battalion Wars 2).

During the events of Battalion Wars 2, the village is occupied by a Solar garrison at the end of the Anglo-Solar War. The garrison likely valued the village for its helipad and its defensive position. However the garrison (four anti-air veterans, two gunships and numerous grunts) is swiftly ejected by an Anglo battalion, who use the helipad to call in Bazooka Vets. A-Qira attempts to recapture the village by flying in two light tanks but fails. Unlike the nearby village of Lower Thatchford, Much Whittering is not damaged by the garrison and any damage only occurs when the play sends in a force to liberate the town.

Nearby to Much Whittering are two airbases, the remains of Hengecleft Keep, a stone monument resembling Stonehenge, and the smaller, slightly less interesting, village of Lower Thatchford.