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I've been sick the last few days and have been spending some time getting NIWA's Ace Attorney wiki on it's feet. I'll pick out colors for the CO template's other factions and then pick up where Mex left off with missions in the next week or so.

Introduction and Timeline[edit | edit source]

Hello, I'm Hotchmoney. I stumbled upon this wiki in late December of 2009, and, after seeing that it was nearly stagnant, began editing. I set a list of goals then, some of which have not yet been met. Here they still are, in order of importance:

  • Articles for all COs
  • Templates for COs, properties, terrain, etc.
  • Images for properties, terrain, game box art, etc.
  • Articles for all needed topics in underdeveloped departments (such as Units)
  • Expansion of notable stubs such as Advance Wars 2
  • Use of the damage charts to add percents to unit articles (instead of the current high, medium, low)
  • Formation of WikiProjects for each article type
  • Rebuilding of a community for further expansion(NIWA + Forum Support)

Old Rant[edit | edit source]

We've certainly come a long way from here. Let's hope we can continue down this road of progress.

Now, as I write this, I fell as if I am shouting to no one. I haven't seen an edit in the mainspace since April, and Wars Wiki is the 3rd Advance Wars-specialized wiki in a Google search for "advance wars wiki". I think I might just end up going on this endeavor alone, and I will do just that (slowly). That wouldn't be a wiki, however; it would be a website using MediaWiki software. I do realize that content will optimize search results and increase visibility, which in turn drives pageviews and the potential for new editors, however, and that will be what I will cling to as I attempt to take this wiki to and beyond the caliber of other Advance Wars wikis.

So there's my rant. I don't mean to sound pompous or arrogant, I just want to get this wiki back on track and make it really great. It's just that, as you could imagine, this is quite a daunting task.