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Units are the smallest task force that may be controlled by the player in battle. A unit may represent an individual, a squad of footsoldiers, or a vehicle. Each unit has its own traits, stat values, strengths, and weaknesses for best effective use.

Advance Wars[edit | edit source]

In the Advance Wars series, a unit is represented as a sprite or model on the map. A unit can only move or perform actions once per turn (with the exception of some CO powers). The maximum number of units a player can control in a session is 50.

Unit types[edit | edit source]

  • Ground units: Units that travel on the ground. Their movement is affected by terrain they are travelling on, but they receive defensive cover bonus. In Fog of War, they can be hidden in Woods.
    • Infantry (Inftry): Represents footsoldiers, whom in general have the weakest defense and lowest movement range but can capture properties. Unlike other ground units, they can travel across Rivers.
    • Vehicles (Veh): Represents the broad category of combat vehicles. Some vehicles have tires instead of treads, gaining a movement bonus on Roads.
  • Air units: Units that travel through the air, thus can travel across any terrain type (excluding Pipes) without penalty, but do not receive defensive cover bonus either. They are unable to hide in any terrain in Fog of War.
    • Copters (Cptr/Heli): Represents rotary-wing aircraft that fly at low altitudes. All armed ground units can attack Copters.
    • Planes (Plane): Represents fixed-wing aircraft that fly at higher altitudes than Copters and can reach further distances. The only ground units that can attack Planes are those dedicated to an anti-air role.
  • Naval units: Units that can travel only on the Sea and other naval terrain. In Fog of War, they can be hidden in Reefs.
    • Ships (Ship): Represents surface ships.
    • Submarines (Sub): Naval units that have the ability to dive and be hidden from the enemy's view.

Hitpoints[edit | edit source]

All units normally start on 10 HP, and can lose HP each time it is attacking or being attacked. Once a unit reaches 0 HP, it is destroyed.

Units can replenish their HP primarily by waiting on properties that provide repair for their unit types; ground units can be repaired on the HQ and cities, air units on airports, and naval units on ports. Each damaged unit will gain 2 HP per turn on waiting on the respective property.

Obtaining units[edit | edit source]

Units are primarily obtained from specific properties that produce a certain unit type at the cost of War Funds. Once a unit is purchased, they will appear on top of the property and will be usable by the next turn.

  • Base: Produces ground units.
  • Airport: Produces air units.
  • Port: Produces naval units.
  • City: While units cannot be produced in cities normally, certain CO powers allow units to be produced from cities.
    • Sensei's COP Copter Command and SCOP Airborne Assault produce 9 HP Infantry or Mechs respectively, ready to move.
    • Hachi's SCOP Merchant Union allows all player-owned cities to deploy ground units.
  • Aircraft Carrier: While not a property itself, the Carrier can produce Seaplanes in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.
  • Factory: An AI-controlled structure that can deploy up to three units that may move right away.

On some maps the player may already have units deployed at the start of a battle, as in the case with predeployed maps.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Move: Reflects the number of spaces per turn the unit can move with no terrain resistance.
  • Range: Matters mainly for indirect-firing units. All other units must be adjacent to their targets to attack, which would incur movement cost.
  • Vision: Determines how far a unit can see in Fog of War, barring Woods and Reefs except if the unit is adjacent to the terrain tile.
  • Fuel: Represents the amount of fuel (or rations for infantry) that the unit currently has. If the unit runs out of fuel, it will either become motionless (for ground units) or be destroyed (for air and naval units).
    • In Fog of War, a unit's fuel is used up after it moves, not after it receives and confirms commands. Thus, fuel will still be used even if the player cancels the move order. This is to discourage players from repeating the move order to find hidden units in woods.

Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Units form the basis of a battalion in the Battalion Wars series.

Control and orders[edit | edit source]

Each unit can be controlled by the player from a third-person perspective. While one single unit is directly player-controlled, the rest of the other units are given orders by the player that range from following them, holding ground, moving to a position, guarding, or attacking enemy targets.

Players can give orders to the whole battalion, a company of the same units, or individual units.

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