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Factory (Advance Wars)

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This article is about the Black Hole installation. For the property sometimes referred to as a factory, see Base.

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A Factory is a Lash invention which allowed unrestricted unit construction for Black Hole. They only appeared in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.

In-depth[edit | edit source]

Factories are completely impassable (even after destruction) and give no terrain stars. They cover twelve squares, in a 3x4 rectangle. They have no weak point, but can be made useless by attacking the nearest seam in the pipeline leading up to the Factory.

Factories were the final installation that the Allied Nations had to destroy in the Macro Land conflict. Each CO in charge of leading an invasion had one. As well as having the ability to create any unit the CO desired (terrain permitting), Factories also processed resources that Black Hole had stolen and sent it to Sturm's main headquarters. Flak's factory was assaulted by Orange Star in Liberation. Orange Star assisted Blue Moon in destroying Lash's factory in Factory Blues and helped Yellow Comet in destroying Adder's factory in The Hunt's End. Depending on whether Factory Blues or The Hunt's End was finished first, a Blue Moon CO could be used in place of Orange Star in The Hunt's End, or a Yellow Comet CO could be used in place of Orange Star in Factory Blues. Later, Orange Star and Yellow Comet assisted Green Earth in shutting down Hawke's factory in Great Sea Battle.