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Indirect combat

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Indirect combat is a game mechanic in the Wars franchise. As the name implies, the units are not attacking from an adjacent tile. Indirect attackers often have a Range attribute that determines a number of tiles in which an attack can be launched. The unit being attacked are not able to return fire. Indirect combat units also can not return fire while being attacked. Battleships, Rockets, and Artillery are the common indirect attackers. Other units such as Carriers can launch indirect attacks only on Aerial Units. Piperunners are another unique indirect attacker, rather than an encompassing range radius, piperunners have a fan shaped range of fire. The series has also included several enemy units such as The Great Owl, and the Talon Gun which launched attacks at intervals. Vision is another factor of indirect combat units, as the units can only attack what they can see. And lastly, movement is another important factor. Most indirect combat units can not move and attack on the same turn.

COs with Indirect combat powers[edit | edit source]

Some Commanding Officers employ range, movement, or vision boosts for indirect attacking units. Max actually carries a penalty on indirect combat to balance his reliance on direct combat.

Attack power and range boosts.
Attack power and movement boosts.
Range and movement boosts.
Range boost, along with her other abilities.
Firepower, defence and vision boosts.
Firepower, defence and range boosts.

Tactical Advice[edit | edit source]

Place indirect attackers in protected positions such as behind mountains, or behind front lines of direct attack units. To minimize problems with ammo or fuel loss, create Black Boats or Rigs to resupply the units, when positioned away from properties.