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List of Missions in Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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This is a list of the missions that make up the Campaign in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Dual Strike Campaign[edit | edit source]

Mission 1: Jake's Trial
Mission 2: The New Black
Mission 3: Max Attacks
Mission 4: Reclaim the Skies
Mission 5: Neverending War
Mission 6: The Ocean Blue
Mission 7: Fog Rolls In
Mission 8: Tag Battle
Mission 9: Victory or Death
Mission 10: Black Boats Ahoy
Mission 11: The Long March
Mission 12: Lightning Strikes
Mission 13: Frozen Fortress
Mission 14: Lash's Test
Mission 15: Verdant Hills
Mission 16: Snow Hunters
Mission 17: Spiral Garden
Mission 18: Omens and Signs
Mission 19: Into the Woods
Mission 20: Muck Amok
Mission 21: Healing Touch
Mission 22: Crystal Calamity
Mission 23: Dark Ambition
Mission 24: Pincer Strike
Mission 25: Ring of Fire
Mission 26: Surrounded!
Mission 27: For the Future!
Mission 28: Means to an End

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