Means to an End

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Means to an End
AWDS Means to an End Map.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Fog of War
Commanding Officers
Faction Player
CO 2 Von Bolt,
Faction Black Hole, Enemy

Means to an End is the final mission in the Advance Wars: Dual Strike Campaign. It features Von Bolt as the main enemy CO.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After winning the mission, Jake confronts Von Bolt, telling him what he's doing is wrong. Von Bolt, however, tries to convince Jake not to kill him, telling him that he'd be just like him. The other CO's tell Jake not to listen to Von Bolt. The player can choose whether or not Jake will shoot Von Bolt, however the choice doesn't actually matter in the long run. Depending on what option the player selected, either Jake shoots Von Bolt's chair, disabling its life extension power but letting him live (and eventually die from old age very soon), or Hawke shows up and shoots Von Bolt, killing him. Afterwards, the building that they were in starts to collapse, and Hawke states that he is no better than "this old man", referring to Von Bolt. He then states that he wished he had met Jake before. Jake tries to save Hawke, but Hawke disappears. However, Kindle, Jugger, and Koal talk in an ending cutscene with dialogue that implies Hawke is still alive and used Von Bolt's chair powers to restore Omega Land. In the same ending cutscene, in a scene before that, Jake and Sasha are on a hill together. A flower grows, and Jake states that flowers used to be all over the hill. Sasha then states that Jake made the flower bloom.

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