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Oozium 238
ヘルリウム Hellium
Orange StarBlue MoonGreen EarthYellow CometBlack Hole
Orange Star in-game sprite (classic)
Blue Moon in-game sprite (classic)
Green Earth in-game sprite (classic)
Yellow Comet in-game sprite (classic)
Black Hole in-game sprite (classic)
Basic info
Games Dual Strike
Production cost Cannot be built
Movement range 1 (Oozium)
Fuel Infinite
Vision 1
Primary weapon
Name Itself
Range N/A
Ammo N/A
Effective against Anything in range
Weak against None
Secondary weapon
Name None
Range N/A
Ammo N/A
Effective against N/A
Weak against N/A

Oozium 238 (or more commonly, Oozium) are non-combat ground units. They are unique in their ability to instantly destroy any unit they move on top of, and also have their own unique defensive and movement type. They cannot be built or repaired (except via Black Crystals and Black Obelisks) and are unaffected by most CO Powers.

Basic statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Cost: N/A - Oozium cannot be built.[1]
  • Movement: 1, Oozium
  • Fuel: Infinite
  • Vision: 1
  • Weapon 1: Itself
  • Ammo: N/A
  • Range: 0
  • Targets: Anything (instant destruction)
  • Weapon 2: None

CO effects[edit | edit source]

COs with bonuses for Oozium[edit | edit source]

Since Oozium are a unique type of unit and no CO has any kind of stat boost specifically for them, this section will instead list what CO abilities and powers do affect them.

The ability to use a second turn during a CO Power. Notably, the AI seems to forget that it has this ability.
Increased defence against indirect attacks; increased defence from Com Towers.
Increased defence.
Double terrain stars during Prime Tactics.
Von Bolt
Increased defence.

COs with penalties for Oozium[edit | edit source]

Reduced defence.
Units of Advance Wars
  1. By using cheats to make the player faction Black Hole, Oozium can be built from bases with a price of 0 in Campaign mode.