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Infantry (unit)

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Orange StarBlue MoonGreen EarthYellow CometBlack Hole
Orange Star in-game model (AW1+2:RBC)
Blue Moon in-game model (AW1+2:RBC)
Green Earth in-game model (AW1+2:RBC)
Gold Comet in-game model (AW1+2:RBC)
Black Hole in-game model (AW1+2:RBC)
Basic info
Games Advance Wars,
Advance Wars 2,
Dual Strike,
Days of Ruin
Production cost 1,000AW, AW2, AWDS
Movement range 3 (Infantry)
Fuel 99
Vision 2
Primary weapon
Name None
Range N/A
Ammo N/A
Effective against N/A
Weak against N/A
Secondary weapon
Name Machine Gun
Range 1
Ammo N/A
Effective against Infantry
Weak against Vehicles, Copters

Infantry units are direct combat Infantry units. They are used for attacking other ground units and can capture properties. They are found as standard units throughout the Advance Wars series.

Basic statistics[edit | edit source]

Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2, Advance Wars: Dual Strike[edit | edit source]

  • Cost: 1000
  • Movement: 3, foot
  • Fuel: 99
  • Vision: 2
  • Weapon 1: None
  • Weapon 2: Machine Gun
  • Ammo: N/A
  • Targets: Infantry (strong), vehicles (weak), copters (weak)

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict/Days of Ruin[edit | edit source]

  • Cost: 1500
  • Movement: 3, infantry
  • Fuel: 99
  • Vision: 2
  • Weapon 1: None
  • Weapon 2: Machine Gun
  • Ammo: N/A
  • Targets: Infantry (strong), vehicles (weak), copters (weak)

CO effects[edit | edit source]

COs with bonuses for Infantry[edit | edit source]

Attack power and movement boosts; defence boost (Advance Wars only)
Attack power boost.
Range and movement boosts.
Range boost, along with her other abilities.

COs with penalties for Infantry[edit | edit source]

Attack penalty (Advance Wars 2 only)
Attack penalty (Advance Wars only)

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit | edit source]

The Infantry appear alongside Tanks in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a type of Assist Trophy, and as a collectible trophy.

Official Trophy Description[edit | edit source]

"Units first introduced in Famicom Wars, where they fight battles against enemy forces. Infantry are the least expensive to deploy of all units. They're not too strong, but they move well and can capture property. There are two tank types: tank A, which is expensive but has good mobility and firepower, and tank B, which is cheaper but can change battles with sheer numbers."

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[edit | edit source]

The Infantry retain their same roles from Brawl.

Official Trophy Description[edit | edit source]

"Two units from the Advance Wars series, infantry are best for capturing bases and tanks for fighting the enemy. If summoned, these two form up on the player who activated them. Don't underestimate them just 'cause they're pixels—the infantry's gun and tank's cannon are formidable."

Infantry against other units[edit | edit source]

Please refer to the following damage charts:

AW1 Damage Chart
AW2 Damage Chart
AWDS Damage Chart
AWDoR Damage Chart

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Advance Wars (classic)[edit | edit source]

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin[edit | edit source]

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