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Orange StarBlue MoonGreen EarthYellow CometBlack Hole
Orange Star in-game sprite (classic)
Blue Moon in-game sprite (classic)
Green Earth in-game sprite (classic)
Yellow Comet in-game sprite (classic)
Black Hole in-game sprite (classic)
Basic info
Games Dual Strike
Production cost 24,000
Movement range 6 (Plane)
Fuel 60
Vision 4
Primary weapon
Name Missiles
Range 1
Ammo 6
Effective against Infantry, Vehicles, Planes, Copters, Ships, Subs
Weak against None
Secondary weapon
Name None
Range N/A
Ammo N/A
Effective against N/A
Weak against N/A

Stealth units are direct combat planes. Like the seaplane of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, they are capable of attacking any unit except submerged submarines. They were introduced in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, which has been their only appearance so far. Stealth planes have a feature similar to a submarine's diving function: at the cost of a higher fuel consumption, Stealth planes can hide and only be seen by adjacent enemy units or properties it is on top of, making it useful in situations where one would prefer to keep their units undetected outside of Fog of War.

Basic statistics[edit | edit source]

Advance Wars: Dual Strike[edit | edit source]

  • Cost: 24000
  • Movement: 6, Air
  • Fuel: 60
  • Vision: 4
  • Weapon 1: Omni-missile
  • Range: 1
  • Ammo: 6
  • Targets: Infantry (strong), vehicle (strong), copter (strong), plane (strong), ship (strong), submarine (strong)
  • Weapon 2: N/A

CO effects[edit | edit source]

COs with bonuses for Stealths[edit | edit source]

Attack power and movement boosts.
Attack power and defence boosts, reduction of fuel consumption.

COs with penalties for Stealths[edit | edit source]

Attack power penalty.
Attack power penalty.
Attack power penalty.

Stealth against other units[edit | edit source]

Please refer to the following damage chart:

AWDS Damage Chart
Units of Advance Wars