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Such passion! Such bravado! We will twist them into abject despair!
— Koal -
チャッカ Chakka

Koal as he appears in Dual Strike
Faction Black Hole Black Hole
Specialty Firepower boost when fighting on a road
Hit Proverbs, ramen
Miss Fondue
CO Power Forced March
Super CO Power Trail of Woe
Power Meter

Koal (Japanese: チャッカ Chakka; Chakka) is a Commanding Officer enlisted in the Black Hole army. He is a new CO in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, introduced in the Neverending War mission, and a member of the Bolt Guard.

He is known as Koal in the American version and Zak in the European version of the game.

Role[edit | edit source]

Koal is one of the main antagonists in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He is superior in rank to Jugger, appears to be equal in rank to Lash, but below Hawke, Kindle, and Von Bolt. His most notable battles are when he and Lash use a Black Arc to defend the first Black Crystal in Victory or Death!, his attempt to assassinate Hawke and Lash in Muck Amok, his attempt with Kindle to defend the first Black Obelisk using the Black Onyx, and his final battle where he and a clone of Kanbei reactivate the Twin Crown Volcanoes in Ring of Fire.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Koal is a bit poetic, often describing people and objects in elaborate terms. This even extends to his insults.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Koal is subservient and loyal to Kindle and sees himself, along with Jugger as one of her vassals. By contrast he finds Lash annoying, seems to distrust Hawke and dislikes the Allied Nations COs. In particular, he takes great delight in insulting Rachel, bragging that the Bolt Guard's actions will make Omega Land "as devoid of beauty as (her) face".

Skills[edit | edit source]

Koal is a variation of Adder, having a firepower boost on road terrain.

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike[edit | edit source]

  • Day-to-Day (D2D): Koal's units (including air) gain 10% firepower on road terrain.
  • CO Meter:
  • CO Power: Forced March — Koal's units gain 1 movement. His road terrain firepower bonus becomes 20%. (Standard +10% firepower and defense.)
  • Super CO Power: Trail of Woe — Koal's units gain 2 movement. His road terrain firepower bonus becomes 30%. (Standard +10% firepower and defense.)

CO Powers[edit | edit source]

English Japanese French German Spanish Italian Dutch Chinese
Forced March イッキツーカン
All the Way Through
Attaque éclair Freie Fahrt Motores de Ira Via Eroica '
CO Power
Trail of Woe コクシムソウ
Unparalleled Advisor
Blitzkrieg Straßenstürmer Asfalto Brutal Strada Paladina '

Tag Affinities[edit | edit source]

Tag Partner Stars Firepower English Japanese French German Spanish Italian
Jugger +10% Power Surge ブラックファイアー
Black Fire
Feu roulant Stromstoß Traición Ilimitada ???
Kindle +5% Flash Point ドギーファイアー
Doggie Fire
Urbanisme ??? Señora y Vasallo ???
Adder None +5% Creepy Crawly ダーティペア
Dirty Pair
Priorité Hetzjagd Juego Sucio Losca Coppia
Rachel None -35% Dual Strike タッグブレイク
Tag Break
Pouvoir relais Doppel-Gabe Ataque Dual Virtù Doppia

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the European version of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Hachi calls him Koal, instead of Zak.
  • The names of both Koal's CO Power and Super CO Power in the Japanese version are references to Japanese mahjong hands.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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