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Omega Land is where Advance Wars: Dual Strike takes place. It is unclear where each territory is set, though it is believed to have Orange Star in the middle, Blue Moon in the Southeast, Green Earth Mideast, Yellow Comet Northeast, and Black Hole to the west.

Although the Black Crystals are turning Omega Land into a desert, it is possible that their were already existing deserts, like the Red Rock Desert, which would likely become a wasteland.

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike Omega Land is once again invaded by the "Black Hole" army. The "Black Hole" army is lead by a new and mysterious CO, and has thoroughly regenerated since the Macro land wars, which took place not long before. It turns out that Black Hole are draining energy out of the Earth to create and heal new units using a device called "The Black Obelisk". upon completing the campaign the black Obelisk is destroyed, and Omega land ceases to decline, a scene shows a beautiful valley that Orange Star 's co Jake used to love, sucked dry of all life. Then the Blue Moon CO Sasha sees a flower on the floor, and hope is restored.

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