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Minicannons are a smaller and weaker variation of the Black Cannon. They are also utilised more often.

In-depth[edit | edit source]

Minicannons are completely impassable and give no terrain stars. They cover one square and become plains tiles after destruction, although there is clearly rubble left over. They have a range of four spaces forwards of whichever direction they are facing, in a fan-shaped area. If a unit is their attack range, the Minicannon damages them for 3HP worth of damage. If more than one unit is in range, it damages the most expensive target. It cannot destroy a unit, and always leaves at least 1 hit point.

Appearances as a mission objective[edit | edit source]

Minicannons are usually the main defence of a Fortress. In the Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising mission Show Stopper, Sonja razes the eight Minicannons of Adder's Fortress.

In Foul Play, Sensei destroys three of Adder's minicannons and forces the Black Hole army to retreat from the area.

A second Fortress at sea is seen in the appropriately titled Sea Fortress mission, where Eagle commits an airstrike on Hawke's eight Minicannons.

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike mission Snow Hunters, the Allied Nations face Hawke in the aftermath of a blizzard and force him to withdraw by destroying his three Minicannons.

Later, Jugger and Koal have another fortress at sea, protected by a Black Arc flying fortress. After destroying the eight aerial Minicannons on the secondary front, the four Minicannons on the main front become vulnerable.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Minicannons are used for defending positions in the Black Hole Rising missions The Hunt's End, Sinking Feeling, Great Sea Battle, Hot Pursuit and Final Front. They were also found in the Dual Strike missions Dark Ambition and For the Future!.

Aerial Minicannons[edit | edit source]

Some time prior to the Omega Land war, Black Hole developed a flying variation of the Minicannon as a supplement to the Black Arc. Four of them appear as a secondary objective in the Victory or Death! mission, and then eight of them in Omens and Signs. Getting the AI to destroy them in each mission makes the main front much easier.