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The Cross-Wiki Week is an annual event hosted by the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), held to celebrate Nintendo's birthday. The purpose of the event is to promote cooperation by inviting editors to contribute to wikis they don't regularly edit. At the end of the event, two winners will receive a $20/€20 Nintendo eShop gift card for participating! The 2023 Cross-Wiki Week will take place from Saturday, 23 September, to Sunday, 1 October. For more info, please have a look here.

New for 2023: When saving an edit, add #cww to your edit summary to be counted for the event.

General Tasks[edit source]

  • Expand the current pages to have more content, especially for plot summaries and specific data values.
  • Upload high-quality images, and introduce the new {{File}} template for licensing and categorization.
  • Uniform page layouts and formatting, especially with layout of text and linking to other pages.
  • Update information and content for any Commanding Officers.
  • Modernize templates and CSS.
  • More template documentation.

Advance Wars series[edit source]

Advance Wars[edit source]

  • Create pages for the Advanced Campaign game mode.
  • Add page navigation templates to all missions.
  • More quotes for more stages!

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising[edit source]

Game Boy Wars Advance 1+2[edit source]

  • More information about the release as a whole, but documenting changes from the first two games in particular.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike[edit source]

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin[edit source]

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp[edit source]

  • The game has been released. Ensuring that all major changes have been documented both on the main game page and respective levels is critical.
  • More screenshots of gameplay.
  • Update character appearances and personality tweaks.
  • Further documentations of the new modes, like the custom map builder.
  • The description of the game itself could be improved some.

64 Wars[edit source]

  • Is there any more information about 64 Wars to add?

Battalion Wars series[edit source]

Battalion Wars[edit source]

Battalion Wars 2[edit source]

  • This game needs to be better split from Battalion Wars 1, especially when it comes to categorization and linking. Some Category pages may need to be made.
  • More screenshots for the missions.

Knight Wars[edit source]

  • Good coverage, but more images could not hurt.

Famicom Wars series[edit source]

Famicom Wars[edit source]

  • This game has virtually no pages of its own, and should at least contain all of the maps in one place, and more detailed descriptions of the mechanics and formula for gameplay.

Super Famicom Wars[edit source]

  • Less content needs to be compared to Fire Emblem and rather to the original game.
  • Super Famicom Wars BS Han needs more information overall--this may even warrant its own page.
  • Nintendo Power (cartridge writing service) is a unique page that seems to not be otherwise well-documented. It may be useful to flesh it out more.
  • Level pages should be made.

Game Boy Wars Series[edit source]

Game Boy Wars[edit source]

  • Needs pages, screenshots, and all other information about every map available for the game.

Game Boy Wars TURBO[edit source]

  • Entirely a stub. Any and all information about this game should be added.

Game Boy Wars 2[edit source]

  • Needs pages, screenshots, and all other information about every map available for the game.

Game Boy Wars 3[edit source]

  • Staff of Game Boy Wars 3 is a good start for a page, and similar versions could be rolled out to other games.
  • Needs pages, screenshots, and all other information about every map available for the game.

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