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List of Missions in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

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This is a list of the missions that make up the Campaign in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. This list also includes the Trial Maps which are roughly the equivalent to past War Rooms, though these are accessed from the same map as the Campaign missions.

Campaign Arc 1 (Main adversary: The Beast)[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Days of Ruin
Chapter 2: A Single Life
Chapter 3: Freehaven
Chapter 4: Moving On
Chapter 5: New Allies
Chapter 6: Fear Experiment
Chapter 7: A Kind of Home
Chapter 8: A New Threat
Chapter 9: The Beast
Chapter 10: Almost Home

Campaign Arc 2 (Main adversary: Lazurian Army)[edit | edit source]

Chapter 11: A Storm Brews
Chapter 12: History of Hate
Chapter 13: Greyfield Strikes
Chapter 14: A Hero's Farewell
Chapter 15: Icy Retreat
Chapter 16: Hope Rising

Campaign Arc 3 (Main adversary: New Rubinelle Army/NRA)[edit | edit source]

Chapter 17: The Creeper
Chapter 18: Panic in the Ranks
Chapter 19: Salvation
Chapter 20: Waylon Flies Again
Chapter 21: Lin's Gambit

Campaign Arc 4 (Main adversary: Intelligence Defense Systems/IDS)[edit | edit source]

Chapter 22: The Great Owl
Chapter 23: Sacrificial Lamb
Chapter 24: Crash Landing
Chapter 25: Lab Rats
Chapter 26: Sunrise

Trial Maps[edit | edit source]

T1: Extreme Edge
T2: Shade Coast
T3: Feline Basin
T4: Metro Island
T5: Eerie Lake
T6: Clear Island
T7: Tatter River
T8: D-Island
T9: Hourglass
T10: Blade Isles
T11: Star Islands
T12: Intricate Map
T13: V for Victory!
T14: Fragment Isles
T15: Jay Islands
T16: Pentagram
T17: Coast Assault
T18: Cat Island
T19: Ground Clash
T20: Slime Cove
T21: Duo Falls
T22: Peril Maze
T23: Metro Map
T24: Wedding Ring
T25: Land's End
T26: Bounty River
T27: Time Map
T28: Plasma Bubble
T29: Triangle Lake
T30: Destiny Ocean
T31: Comb Map
T32: Resistance
T33: Missile
T34: Web River
T35: Center River
T36: Mountain Pass
T37: Fire & Water
T38: Whirl Peaks

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