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Combat Patrol

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Battalion Wars Campaign Mission 2: Behind Enemy Lines
Combat Patrol
BW M01 Screenshot.jpg
Western Frontier VS Tundran Territories
Allied Forces
Player Faction Western Frontier
Allies None
Enemy Forces
Primary Tundran Territories
Secondary None
Other Intel
Location Inside Frontier borders
Result Unknown

Combat Patrol is the first level in the Battalion Wars campaign. This level essentially serves as a tutorial to familiarize the player with the controls.

Intel[edit | edit source]

Patrol and reconnoiter the demilitarized zone on our border with the Tundran Territories. Tundra is gearing up for something and we need to keep an eye on them.
It's time to put your basic training into practice and find out what kind of game they're playing!

The level begins with Western Frontier COs General Herman, Colonel Austin, and Brigadier Betty having organized a round of war games to keep the Frontier grunts on their toes. Begin by walking straight ahead and jumping over the barricade. Shoot each of the Target Dummies in the next area, using the L-Button to achieve target-lock. Once the Dummies are destroyed, use the R-Button to check the surroundings, and look at one of the watchtower sentries. Move out from the training ground, Fort Gridiron, and follow the Gold Stars.

As the player walks down the hill from the fort, a Tundran Spy runs out of his hiding spot. Chase after him and destroy the three Listening Posts nearby, which are marked as red dots on the map. Advancing further, look up at the skies to find more Tundran units, a pair of Spy Balloons. Shoot them down, and move on to the next area. Destroy another group of Listening Posts and Spy Balloons, and climb down the hill. Another Frontier grunt was attacked by the Tundran Spy, giving another reason to chase after him. Swim across the river, and press the X-Button to call the group of Frontier grunts to follow you. Press X again near the gate to order them into sentry mode, and once more to open the gate.

In the next area, take out the two enemies with help from your battalion, and shoot up the Ammo Dump to blow up the barricade. Lock onto the Recon with the L-Button, and press the Z-Button to switch control. Roll out to the next area, and smash through the barbed wire. Ride down the hillside to encounter a Tundran armored division, which ends the level.

BW Gold Star Sprite.png Traverse the Obstacle Course
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Destroy Target Dummy (5)
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Look at one of the Sentries in the Watchtowers
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Advance to the Gold Star marked on your Radar
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Chase the Spy
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Join up with Alpha Company
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Put Alpha Company in Sentry Mode
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Put Alpha Company in Follow Mode
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Destroy the Ammo Dump
BW Gold Star Sprite.png Transfer control to the Recon
  • A Gold Star indicates an objective that must be completed to clear the level.
  • A Silver Star indicates an objective that is not required to clear the level.

Units[edit | edit source]

Player[edit | edit source]

Western Frontier Western Frontier
Starting Reinforcements, near dead Grunt Reinforcements, POW camp

Enemy[edit | edit source]

Tundran Territories Tundran Territories
  • BW TT Rifle Grunt Icon.png Spy (1)
  • BW TT Rifle Grunt Icon.png Rifle Grunt (5)
  • Tundran Territories Listening Post (3)
  • BW TT Spy Balloon Icon.png Spy Balloon (2)
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