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Field Training

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The Field Training overview screen
The Field Training overview screen

Field Training is the first battle mode in Advance Wars which is not free play, such as Vs. Mode and Link Mode. It serves as the tutorial to Advance Wars by having a series of small scale missions in which you are introduced to several aspects of combat by Nell, a Commanding Officer in the Orange Star army.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Orange Star has been invaded by the army of Blue Moon, led by Olaf. It is up to the player and Nell to fend Olaf off. To this end the player is a candidate, an advisor in training. Nell serves as Commanding Officer and instructs the player on the arts of war at the same time. Though the battles start out on a small scale they get more complex over time, featuring planes and naval combat in later stages as well as fog of war in the last. Upon completion of the Fog of War mission the player is promoted to full advisor and can access the Campaign, War Room, Design Maps and Stats modes.

The final tutorial mission, Special Intel, is unlocked after completing It's War! in the Campaign.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  1. Troop Orders
  2. Terrain Intel
  3. Base Capture
  4. Unit Repair
  5. APC ABCs
  6. Tank Ops
  7. Copter Tactics
  8. Air Assault
  9. Air Defense
  10. Dogfights
  11. Naval Forces
  12. Climate Status
  13. Fog of War
  14. Special Intel

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