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List of Missions in Advance Wars

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This is a list of the missions that make up the Campaign in Advance Wars, including the Field Training missions.

Field Training[edit | edit source]

See Field Training for more information

Mission 1: Troop Orders
Mission 2: Terrain Intel
Mission 3: Base Capture
Mission 4: Unit Repair
Mission 5: APC ABCs
Mission 6: Tank Ops
Mission 7: Copter Tactics
Mission 8: Air Assault
Mission 9: Air Defense
Mission 10: Dogfights
Mission 11: Naval Forces
Mission 12: Climate Status
Mission 13: Fog of War
Mission 14: Special Intel

Andy's Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission 1: It's War!
Mission 2: Gunfighter!
Mission 3: Air Ace!
Mission 4A: Max Strikes!
Mission 5A: Max's Folly?
Mission 6A: Olaf's Navy
Mission 7A: Olaf's Sea Strike
Mission 14: Sonja's Goal!
Mission 15A: Captain Drake!
Mission 16A: Naval Clash!
Mission 17A: Wings of Victory!
Mission 18A: Battle Mystery!
Mission 21: The Final Battle!
Mission 22: Rivals!

Max's Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission 4M: Max Strikes!
Mission 5M: Sniper!
Mission 6M: Blizzard Battle!
Mission 7M: History Lesson!
Mission 12: Divide and Conquer!
Mission 15M: Captain Drake!
Mission 16M: Naval Clash!
Mission 17M: Wings of Victory!
Mission 18M: Battle Mystery!

Sami's Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission 8: Sami's Debut!
Mission 9: Kanbei Arrives!
Mission 10: Mighty Kanbei!
Mission 11: Kanbei's Error?
Mission 13: Sami Marches On!
Mission 15S: Captain Drake!
Mission 16S: Naval Clash!
Mission 17S: Wings of Victory!
Mission 18S: Battle Mystery!

CO Select Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission 19: Andy Times Two!
Mission 20: Enigma!
Mission 21: The Final Battle!