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Battle Mystery! (Andy)

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Mission 17: Wings of Victory! (Andy) Advance Wars Campaign Mission 19: Andy Times Two!
Mission 17: Wings of Victory! (Max) Advance Wars Campaign
Mission 17: Wings of Victory! (Sami) Advance Wars Campaign
Mission 18: Battle Mystery!
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Destroy Lander
Weather Random
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Andy
Faction Player
CO 2 Drake
Faction Enemy

Battle Mystery! is the eighteenth mission of the Advance Wars campaign. It is the last battle where the player fights Drake. This article is on the Andy version of this mission. If the player chooses Andy for all three Drake missions, they will unlock the Green Earth CO for The Final Battle! as well as making him available for purchase in Battle Maps after clearing the campaign.

Background[edit | edit source]

Eagle exclaims he saw his face, and that it had to be Andy–at which point Sonja interrupts. Eagle wonders what she is doing, to which Sonja replies someone else than Andy attacked Green Earth. Telling Eagle all that she knows, she beckons him to follow so she can tell him who has been pulling all of the strings. Drake backs her up, saying Eagle should go with her and not worry and that he will take care of Green Earth.

Nell calls, telling Andy and the advisor they have been able to outsmart Drake and that there is a lander with vital GE cargo in the area; destroying that lander assures victory.

After the battle Sami asks Drake why he has been attacking them. Drake asks if they haven't sensed him, the person behind all the fighting, telling them Sonja and Grit have been trying to lure him out of hiding. The battles were staged to draw attention away from Sonja's movements, telling them they're finished now–Sonja has found something. Drake says he'll be joining her as soon as possible, but he has to take care of Green Earth. He then wants to ask something, but Andy interrupts telling him they will help any way they can.

The next mission is Andy Times Two!.

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