Sole Harbor

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Sole Harbor
04 Sole Harbor.png
As it appears in Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Player: Orange Star
Allies: None
Enemy: Blue Moon
Mission Intel
Game Mode: War Room
Terms: Rout / HQ Capture
Weather: Clear
Fog of War status: Inactive
Total Properties
Cities: 21
Bases: 10
Ports: 3
Airports: 0
Com Towers: 0

Sole Harbor is the fourth, War Room-exclusive stage available in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. The stage takes the shape of a giant peninsula, upon which one of the two headquarters is located, the other of which is situated upon the mainland. Just by looking at the map, it is obvious that the army located on the peninsula has a grand, immediate advantage over the forces based on the mainland; by comparison, there are many more territories under the control of the peninsula-bound army. However, that is not the only difference between this stage and that of its predecessors, as this map is the first to incorporate Ports and Shoals as a part of its landscape, as well. Ports enable armies to engage in sea-faring warfare, providing Battleships, Cruisers, and Submarines to aid in such battling, and the Shoals allow for Landers to dock and accept the loading of units scheduled to be delivered to a specific location quickly and easily via the sea. Either way, the most battle-intensive area of this map will be the land bridge that connects the mainland to the peninsula, especially since there are only three Ports and that is the single, unclaimed land segment that exists between the two headquarters. The version of Sole Harbor available in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is identical to the one seen in Advance Wars.