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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike is the third Advance Wars game in the series, and was released onto the Nintendo DS in 2005. The subtitle refers to the Nintendo DS, the console the game was released on. In a two front battle, each front is controlled by a separate Commanding Officer, and when someone wins in the secondary front, that CO gets to join in on the main front, thereby giving that team a tactical bonus.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

The game's North American boxart
Basic info
Developer Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
North America: "E" for Everyone
Europe: 7+ (PEGI)
6+ (USK)
Australia: PG
Japan: A
Release Dates
North America: August 22, 2005
Europe: September 30, 2005
Australia: March 22, 2006
Japan: June 23, 2005
Advance Wars: Dual Strike Guide on StrategyWiki

It was rereleased on the Wii U's virtual console on December 1st, 2016.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Below are the game modes in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

The Campaign is the main story mode of the game. It deals with the black hole conflict in Omega Land.

After beating the main campaign, the Hard Campaign is unlocked.

War Room[edit | edit source]

War Room features several challenge maps where the player can play against the AI. The player can choose to use one or two COs for these maps.

Versus[edit | edit source]

Versus mode allows the player to play against the computer or another person on the same DS.

Survival[edit | edit source]

Survival is a mode where the player must play through a series of maps under one of three limitations.

  • Money gives the player a limited amount of funds.
  • Turn gives the player a set amount of turns.
  • Time gives the player a time limit.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Combat is a real time strategy mode different from the standard turn based strategy modes. Here the player selects a Commanding Officer, and then can spend up to 20,000 points on units the player can use to either wipe out the opponent's units or capture their HQ.

Battle Maps[edit | edit source]

Battle Maps is where maps, COs, and other items can be purchased.

History[edit | edit source]

History is where various achievements, records, and statistics are kept.

Wireless[edit | edit source]

Wireless allows the player to play with other people with another DS.

  • Normal Battle allows the player to play
  • DS Battle
  • Trade Maps allows the player to trade maps
  • Combat allows the player to play the real time Combat mode with other players
  • Download sends Combat to players without Advance Wars: Dual Strike via DS Download Play
  • Messages

Sound Room[edit | edit source]

Sound Room is unlocked after the main campaign has been beaten. It allows the player to listen to the soundtrack of the game.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gallery is unlocked after the main campaign has been beaten.

Design Room[edit | edit source]

Design has three options:

  • CO allows the player to edit the colors of the COs.
  • Map allows the player to create and edit maps.
  • Display allows the player to change the wallpaper on the main menu.

Units[edit | edit source]

These are the units available in Advance Wars: Dual Strike:

Unit Type Cost Move Range Fuel Ammo Vision
  Infantry Infantry 1000 3 1 99 - 2
  Mech Infantry 3000 2 1 70 3 2
  Recon Vehicle 4000 8 1 80 - 5
  Tank Vehicle 7000 6 1 70 9 3
  Medium Tank Vehicle 16000 5 1 50 8 1
  Neotank Vehicle 22000 6 1 99 9 1
  Megatank Vehicle 28000 4 1 50 3 1
  APC Vehicle 5000 6 --- 70 - 1
  Artillery Vehicle 6000 5 2-3 99 9 1
  Rockets Vehicle 15000 5 3-5 50 6 1
  Anti-Air Vehicle 8000 6 1 60 9 2
  Missiles Vehicle 12000 4 3-5 50 6 5
  Piperunner Vehicle 20000 9 2-5 99 9 4
  Fighter Plane 20000 9 1 99 9 2
  Bomber Plane 22000 7 1 99 9 2
  B Copter Copter 9000 6 1 99 6 3
  T Copter Copter 5000 6 --- 99 - 2
  Stealth Plane 24000 6 1 60 6 4
  Black Bomb Bomb 25000 9 1-3 45 - 1
  Battleship Ship 28000 5 2-6 99 9 2
  Cruiser Ship 18000 6 1 99 9 3
  Lander Ship 12000 6 --- 99 - 1
  Submarine Submarine 20000 5 1 60 6 5
  Black Boat Ship 7500 7 --- 60 - 1
  Carrier Ship 30000 5 3-8 99 9 4
A colored background indicates a unit that was introduced in this game.

Commanding Officers[edit | edit source]

These are the Commanding Officers available in Advance Wars: Dual Strike:

CO Country CO Power Super CO Power CO Meter Hit Miss
  Jake Orange Star Beat Down Block Rock        Clubbin' Easy listening
  Rachel Orange Star Lucky Lass Covering Fire        Hard work Excuses
  Andy Orange Star Hyper Repair Hyper Upgrade        Mechanics Waking up early
  Max Orange Star Max Force Max Blast        Weight training Studying
  Sami Orange Star Double Time Victory March          Chocolate Cowards
  Nell Orange Star Lucky Star Lady Luck        Willful Students Downtime
  Hachi Orange Star Barter Merchant Union       Tea Medicine
  Olaf Blue Moon Blizzard Winter Fury         Warm boots Rain clouds
  Grit Blue Moon Snipe Attack Super Snipe        Cats Rats
  Colin Blue Moon Gold Rush Power of Money        Grit and Olaf Black Hole
  Sasha Blue Moon Market Crash War Bonds        Truffles Pork rinds
  Eagle Green Earth Lightning Drive Lightning Strike           Lucky Goggles Swimming
  Drake Green Earth Tsunami Typhoon         The open sea High places
  Jess Green Earth Turbo Charge Overdrive        Dandelions Unfit COs
  Javier Green Earth Tower Shield Tower of Power        Honor Retreating
  Kanbei Yellow Comet Morale Boost Samurai Spirit         Sonja Computers
  Sonja Yellow Comet Enhanced Vision Counter Break       Computers Bugs
  Sensei Yellow Comet Copter Command Airborne Assault        Lazy, rainy days Busy malls
  Grimm Yellow Comet Knuckleduster Haymaker        Donuts Planning
  Flak Black Hole Brute Force Barbaric Blow        Meat Veggies
  Lash Black Hole Terrain Tactics Prime Tactics         Getting her way Not getting it
  Adder Black Hole Sideslip Sidewinder       His own face Dirty things
  Hawke Black Hole Black Wave Black Storm           Black coffee Incompetence
  Jugger Black Hole Overclock System Crash         Energy Static Electricity
  Koal Black Hole Forced March Trail of Woe       Proverbs, ramen Fondue
  Kindle Black Hole Urban Blight High Society        Anything chic Anything passé
  Von Bolt Black Hole N/A Ex Machina            Long life Young 'uns!
A colored background indicates a CO that was introduced in this game.

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E3 2005 gameplay trailer
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