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Barrage Balloon

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Barrage Balloon
BW2 TT Barrage Balloon Model.png
G-1 Globfoto
Basic info
Deployed by
Role Surveillance
Primary weapon
Name None
Target N/A
Secondary weapon
Name None
Target N/A
Quote1.png Spy Balloons? Better destroy these eyes in the sky before they can report back to Tundran High Command! Quote2.png
— Brigadier Betty

The Barrage Balloon is a blimp used by the Tundran Territories for surveillance. In the first Battalion Wars, the unit is called the Spy Balloon and appear as enemy targets in Combat Patrol. In Battalion Wars 2, Barrage Balloons are the first objective in the assault map Aces High. It is an unplayable unit in either games.

Dossier Intel[edit | edit source]

"Wire-cutters fitted to Frontier aircraft render tethered barrage balloons useless, requiring the use of modified surveillance blimps, such as the G-1 Globfoto. Their unpredictable flight paths mean they often prove equally hazardous to Tundran pilots."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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